The Daily Santos: Vol. 10

Fun at a festival

On Saturday evening, George hopped off a plane at LGA and was immediately surrounded by reporters asking him about the photos and video that surfaced showing him dressing in drag. His response? 

The response is noteworthy, because in his original tweet denying his drag past, he was very deliberate to say the media claim “that I am a drag Queen or ‘performed’ as a drag Queen is categorically false.” At the time, someone noted that he was very careful to make a distinction between being a drag queen and having dressed up in drag at some point. And his response at the airport made it clear he sees value in the distinction. 

But as actual drag queen Meatball put it when I was recording her podcast Sunday, a casual drag enthusiast doesn’t have an official drag name. Yes, looking at you, Kitara.

Live from New York

George got the SNL treatment not once, but TWICE on this weekend’s episode, cementing him as a cultural icon. He’s being portrayed by the sensational Bowen Yang, who’s helping us imagine what it would be like if George uttered more than six words in public. 

In the cold open, Yang took a turn as George, and shortly after, Kitara. The wig, the dress, all spot-on.

Then he came back for Weekend Update, which made me actually guffaw. Particularly when he says, “I said I was Jewish because my grandparents were in the Holocaust and they actually knew Anne Frank. They were the ones who told her ‘you should be writing this down.’” 

Considering the clip of Santos-related news, expect to see a lot more of this.

Screwing constituents

It’s all fun and games until you remember that there are actual human beings—more than 700,000 of them!—whose interests are supposed to be represented in Congress and tended to by George Santos. Newsday reports that constituents in NY-03 are getting antsy, and even turning to the offices of neighboring members to help meet their needs. 

With the house in recess last week, Santos was ostensibly in the area and available to meet with the folks who elected him. Instead he did absolutely nothing of note except visit a Hindu temple “uninvited and unannounced.” Perhaps he’s trying on another religion for size?

His district office in Douglaston still bears the name of his predecessor, Democrat Tom Suozzi, and the office “has been all but unreachable by phone, due to telecom problems, including a broken menu last week and the week before.” Calls were also being transferred to other member’s offices.

On Thursday, a staffer outside the district office claimed to Newsday reporter Matthew Chayes that staff had been helping constituents “all morning.” When Chayes pressed him on how many, the staffer said he couldn’t be specific, “Because that’s their personal, private business, and they’re not just a tally; they’re people in need.”

Beautiful. Art.

And coming up…

I’m looking for the best bagel places in NY-03, so hit me in the comments with your recommendations. Yes, I’d like the tastiest, but also looking for places with just great Long Island vibes. I promise there’s a good reason for it. 

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